Neat ideas to save a little money...

My family has benefited from these and we hope you can too!

Christian Health Ministries - self employed, or not, we spend a small fortune on insurance every paycheck. Some of us use these funds frequently, but if your like my family, we barely ever go to the doctor, nor even come close to taking advantage of the insurance money we surrender every month. I was educated about CHM and joined, and wanted to pass on the knowledge to you!
CHM is a Health Care Sharing Ministry (not "insurance") and meets the obligations of the Federal Health Care Act.
Take a look for yourself:
(by using the link above, and by enrolling through the link, my family and I get one month paid)

Rakuten (formerly known as eBates). Nope, you are not going to "get rich quick", but every dollar helps, right? We do a LOT of online shopping, especially when there are incentives to do so. Rakuten sends us checks quarterly, sometimes they are $20.00, but today we got a check for $75.00, and with Christmas around the corner, our next check will probably be over $100.00! Using Google Chrome or FireFox web browsers, you can easily add the Rakuten "add-on" to your browser so you don't have to worry about singing in all the time. They also have cool discount codes that you can use to save money immediately and still earn a little extra on the back end.
Sign up and start making money:
(by using the link above, and by signing up and using, my family will earn $20.00)

Being a member of InterNACHI my family and my clients are entitled to discounts and savings through a company called Abenity. Recently we purchased a Samsung Fitness Watch through Abenity and received a 20% discount!
You can register online at:
Registration Code: InterNACHI
(I don't receive anything by you using the link above)