Pre-Closing Walk Through

Lets dot the I's and cross the T's...

If you would like someone to walk along side you and your Realtor before you sign on the "dotted line", we'd be honored to join you to offer a discerning 3rd party, point of view.

Buyers may feel pressured through the final walk - they've taken so much of their Realtor's time, the builder's time, and their own time, that the last thing they want is to get into a conversation about details they aren't sure "matter"; or they are afraid to offend anyone.
We know how to address concerns in a polite and respectful way that will allow you to be empowered, assured, and at ease during last stretch of your purchase.

This service is especially useful to the First Time Home Buyer.

This service is a 2 hour walk-through and provides no formal report, pictures, or documentation provided post visit.
It is NOT to be confused with a Home Inspection Service.